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|  at·tract: to draw by appeal to natural or excited interest, emotion, or aesthetic sense

People say you can't judge a book by its cover; and while your space may not be a "cover", it introduces clientele to your business and leaves them wanting more . . . or not.  If you think your space is falling short of its potential, our Accessory Attraction package is what you need!  Updating your accessories will breathe fresh air into your space without suffocating your budget.

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| re·vi·tal·ize : to give new life or vigor to

This package was created to give that extra "oomph" to predetermined guestroom designs and Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment while watching your wallet. The Room Revitalizer package works to optimize your design through space plans and finish options giving new life and vigor to your guestrooms! A perfect match for use with our Room Packages!

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| sen·sa·tion: a state of excited interest or feeling

No matter the season, everyone loves a reason to celebrate! Your clientele will get into the spirit of the occasion when you indulge in amenities with our Seasonal Sensation Package!

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| set·up: The gathering and organization of furniture needed for an operation

Whether your company is just moving in or looking to use your current space more efficiently, the Spatial Setup package is perfect for commercial or retail spaces with already existing or modular furnishings!  Allowing you to get the most bang for your buck, this package incorporates your furnishings with the appropriate layout to fit the needs and personality of your company!

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| fi·nesse:  refinement or delicacy of workmanship, structure, or texture

Our Furniture and Finish Finesse package is ideal for restaurants, lobbies and the public spaces of hotels, medical offices, condominiums and virtually any of the spaces where your clientele generally congregate!  This penny-pinching package enhances the look and marketability of your space through the selection of new furnishings and finishes without the huge expenditures on major renovations!

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| pow·er: A measure of the rate of strength of doing work

To finalize the steps in bringing our designs to life, Interior Envy offers competitive purchasing packages to compliment all of our services. Our purchasing power packages will give you the buying power of the design industry professionals. Let us quote your projects’ package today!  

These packages combine select design services geared towards a specific design goal.

Specializing in hospitality interior design & branding

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